Grow Safe Fertiliser 4.5kg

GrowSafe® fertiliser is ideal for the home garden. It is best suited to lawn, trees, shrubs, flowers, fruit, vegetables and native plants.


Product Details

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Grow Safe® Home Gardener is a living fertiliser – suitable for every application. Grow Safe® fertilisers contain over sixty trace elements from rock-mineral ores and bio-compatible NPK.

Grow Safe® Home Gardener fertiliser also contains soil probiotics in the form of beneficial bacteria & fungi to increase nutrient uptake and improve soil health. The Grow Safe® microbial strains include MycorrhizaeBacilliTrichoderma and many more.

Grow Safe® Home Gardener Fertiliser;

  • Produces healthier, nutrient dense fruit and vegetables
  • Slow release, all-rounder fertiliser – even for native plants
  • Non-toxic and safe for the environment
  • Backed by years of independent research and trial data
  • Adds probiotics that improve natural plant immunity

Product weight: 4.5kg

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