Grow Safe Spreadable Soil Microbes plus Trace Minerals 25kg

Grow Safe Spreadable Soil Microbes plus Trace Minerals


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Grow Safe Spreadable Microbes

A complete application of beneficial soil bacteria and fungi – Suitable for all plant and soil types. Grow Safe® Microbes are a balanced combination of cultured soil microorganisms that help mobile minerals and other essential nutrients for uptake by plants. Beneficial bacteria and fungi are essential to soil fertility – allowing plants to better access nutrition, improve water efficiency and overall plant performance.  Soil microbes play essential roles in maintaining healthy soils and healthy plants. They are involved in almost all nutrient transactions within the soil. The bulk of these transactions are vital for nutrient availability and exchange to our plants

The Grow Safe® beneficial microbes stimulate root growth and soil organic Carbon, which leads to better water retention. This microbe activity improves soil structure and health which helps improve water efficiency.

  • Actinomycetes assist in soil health and nutrient cycling
  • Azotobacter produce plant growth regulators
  • Azospirillum free-living N fixers, convert atmospheric N
  • Bacilli lactic acid bacteria, help soil conditioning and structure
  • Cellulosic fungi cellulose decomposers release organic C
  • Mycorrhiza fungi involved in mineral nutrient uptake to plants
  • Phosphobacter convert P
  • Pseudomonas soldier bacteria help protect plants and root zone
  • Rhizobium legume nitrogen fixers
  • Streptomyces anti-pathogenic
  • Saccharomyces yeasts
  • Trichoderma spp in Premium Ag and Trichoderma Plus blends.

Long shelf life; no refrigeration required.  AMF Soil Microbe blends contain a scientifically balanced blend of specific beneficial bacterial and fungal organisms totalling between 24–30 strains. Some of those include: