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Grow Safe fertiliser 10kg, Grow Up 2L, Seaweed Plus Concentrate 1L


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Giving your plants the energy of a teenager.

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Grow Safe fertiliser 10kg, Grow Up 2L RTU, Seaweed Plus Concentrate 1L

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Foliar fertilising is a more efficient way of getting nutrients into plant tissue quickly as granular fertiliser can take up to 6 weeks depending on soil biology. Grow Up is a 100% plant based liquid foliar fertiliser that enhances plant growth with amino acids, plant hormones and nutrients.

  • Nutrients delivered and absorbed
    immediately by leaf tissue.
    • No harmful chemicals.
    • Promotes soil and plant health
    • Increased vibrancy of flowers, fruit
    and foliage.
    • Aids disease resistance in plants and
    reduces stress caused by heat and frost.

Grow Safe Fertiliser 10kg 

Efficient ‘all round’ use in the garden for Healthier, happier plants.

Grow Safe® fertiliser is ideal for the home garden. It is best suited to lawn, trees, shrubs, flowers, fruit, indoor plants, vegetables and native plants. Grow Safe® fertilisers are slow-release and are biologically compatible with soil microbes. These help fix organic matter in the soil – boosting soil structure and preserving soil health. If you are growing fruit and vegetables, these plants up take over sixty trace elements available in Grow Safe fertilisers, improving their nutrient density.

Safer around your home and the environment. Grow Safe® fertiliser is safe to use around your home as it is non-toxic, safe for waterways (high Nutrient Use Efficiency) and contain natural rock-mineral ores – making them safe to use around children and pets.

Seaweed Plus Concentrate 1L

Seaweed plus is a powerful concentration of plant hormones for accelerated growth. It contains gibberellins and cytokinins to accelerate growth and bud breaking. Seaweed plus influences cell enlargement, division and elongation and helps reduce environmental stress.

Suitable for all plants including vegies, fruit trees, lawn, natives and potted plants.

  • Improves vegetative growth of plants.
  • Increases metabolic efficiency thereby enhances nutrient uptakes for balanced growth.
  • Increases the flower and fruit production.
  • Reduces the flower and immature fruit falls through hormonal balances.
  • Enables the plants to recover from biotic and abiotic stress.

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