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Grow Safe Fertiliser 10kg, Lawn Love 2L, Soak Up 2L


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Love your lawn and lay upon it. Maintaining a perfect lawn is easy with these products. 

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Grow Safe Fertiliser 10kg, Lawn Love 2L RTU, Soak Up 2L RTU

Grow Safe 10kg

Grow Safe® fertilisers are slow-release and are biologically compatible with soil microbes. These help fix organic matter in the soil – boosting soil structure and preserving soil health. Grow Safe® fertiliser is safe to use around your home as it is non-toxic, safe for waterways (high Nutrient Use Efficiency) and contain natural rock-mineral ores – making it safe to use around children and pets.

Establishment: Incorporate into the soil 80-100g/sqm.

Maintenance: Top dress 25-50g/sqm or as required

Lawn Love 2L Ready to Use Hose Click On 

Produces dark, emerald green colour with slow-release nitrogen and chlorophyl builders to encourage healthy growth. Developed to address the nutrient deficiencies found in alkaline sandy soils. Made in Australia for the Australian turf industry. Contains organic acids and carbohydrates which help the fungal and bacterial breakdown of nutrients which increase the uptake of cations. Improves lawns health fungal and disease resistance. Once Lawn Love is applied do not water in. Nitrogen(N): 15%, Iron(Fe): 6.0%, Manganese (Mn): 2.0%, pH 1.8

  • Boosted with iron and manganese
  • Sustainable growth
  • Covers 400sqm

Soak Up 2L Ready to Use Hose Click On 

Soak Up improves water retention and reduces hydrophobic conditions in soils with fast absorption of every drop of water. Enriched with organic seaweed extracts and plant hormones to promote healthy growth. A long-term non-ionic surfactant that efficiently delivers moisture into the soil enabling maximum absorption and nutrient uptake. Irrigate well after application.

Covers 200sqm

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