Seaweed Plus

Premium Sargassum Seaweed 1L


Product Details

Seaweed plus is a powerful concentration of plant hormones for accelerated growth. It contains gibberellins and cytokinins to accelerate growth and bud breaking. Use as a foliar spray for all plant tissue.

Seaweed plus influences cell enlargement, division and elongation and helps reduce environmental stress.

Suitable for all plants including vegies, fruit trees, lawn, natives and potted plants.

  • Improves vegetative growth of plants.
  • Increases metabolic efficiency thereby enhances nutrient uptakes for balanced growth.
  • Increases the flower and fruit production.
  • Reduces the flower and immature fruit falls through hormonal balances.
  • Enables the plants to recover from biotic and abiotic stress.

Seaweed plus  SDS

Product Brochure

Seasol V’s Seaweed Plus

ParameterSeasolSeaweed PlusRemarks 
Total Organic Matter0.0460.81 % w/vRich in Organic source. Made from Sargassum Seaweed
Total Protein22.45% w/v
Nitrogen0.1 % w/v3.59 %w/vhigher N - for vegetative growth
Phosphorus 0.01 % w/v 0.19 % w/v higher P - for photosynthesis, respiration & energy storage and cell elongation.
Potassium 1.5 % w/v0.31 % w/vlower Potassium salt due to removal of seawater from the seaweed, to bring down toxic levels.
Boron8 mg /L141 mg/Lhigher Bo improves the quality of the fruits 
Calcium430 mg / L1500 mg/Lhigher Ca for cell growth and metabolism. Helps in keeping the ph balance.
Copper 1 mg/L4100 mg/Lhigher Cu, good for active metabolism in enzyme process, Key to formation of chlorophyll
Iron65 mg/L6000 mg/Lhigher Fe, for enzyme formation & green coloration on leaves. 
Magnesium340 mg/L7700 mg/Lhigher Mg , building block of chlorophyll
Manganese3 mg/L6800 mg/Lhigher Mn, helps  photosynthesis, respiration and nitrogen assimilation
Molybdenum<0.5 mg /L13 mg/LHelps to form ammonia for protein synthesis. Needed for Legumes
Sodium 3,200 mg/L3900 mg/LBeneficial in absence of Potassium
Sulphur1,000 mg/L37600 mg/Lhigher S, required for enzymes and protein synthesis and growth
Zinc7 mg /L14900 mg/LHigher Zn, good for protein synthesis and enzymes
AuxinsNot reportedContainsPromotes cell elongation. Hence the main ingredient needed for growth of stems and roots
GibberellinsNot reportedContainsRegulate various processes like stem elongation, bud-breaking for flowering and fruiting, increases efficiency of plants to produce higher yield.
CytokinesNot reportedContainsPromote cell division and leaf senescence.
Protein hydrolyseNot reportedContainsProteins ready for assimilation into the plants.