Seaweed Plus

Premium Sargassum Seaweed 1L


Product Details

Seaweed plus is a powerful concentration of plant hormones for accelerated growth. It contains gibberellins and cytokinins to accelerate growth and bud breaking. Use as a foliar spray for all plant tissue.

Seaweed plus influences cell enlargement, division and elongation and helps reduce environmental stress.

Suitable for all plants including vegies, fruit trees, lawn, natives and potted plants.

  • Improves vegetative growth of plants.
  • Increases metabolic efficiency thereby enhances nutrient uptakes for balanced growth.
  • Increases the flower and fruit production.
  • Reduces the flower and immature fruit falls through hormonal balances.
  • Enables the plants to recover from biotic and abiotic stress.


REFILL Now available at Minty Green Plants – Midvale

Bring in your Seaweed plus bottle for an instant refill. Label must be legible.

Seaweed plusĀ  SDS

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