Soak Up 1L Concentrate

Premium Soil Wetter 1L concentrate


Product Details

Soak Up improves water retention and reduces hydrophobic conditions in soils with fast absorption of every drop of water. Enriched with organic seaweed extracts and plant hormones to promote healthy growth. A long-term non-ionic surfactant that efficiently delivers moisture into the soil enabling maximum absorption and nutrient uptake. Irrigate well after application.

Suitable for use on all gardens including vegies, lawns, fruit trees, potted plants and natives.

  • Premium Soil Wetter – Fast penetration of water repellent soils
  • River and Reef Safe
  • Reduces nutrient leaching in soil.

Dilution rate:

Watering Can: 20ml of Soak Up per 1L of water

Hose click – on 2L spray bottle: 200mls of Soak Up per 2L of water. Covers 200sqm

1L concentrate makes 5 x 2L bottles!

Also available in a 2L click-on variety.

SDS Soak Up

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