Soil Buddy

Soil Buddy – Repels Soil Borne Pathogens, Nematodes and Fungus Gnats


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SOIL BUDDY is an excellent Organic Fertiliser made from Neem Seed Cake.  It is the most popular of all Oil Cakes as Fertilizer for Plants.  SOIL BUDDY contains all the major plant essential nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in its naturally occurring organic form.  SOIL BUDDY is made from the cakes of Neem Fruit and is in the powder form.  It is highly suitable as a basal fertiliser for all plants and turfs.  The slow release of nutrients from SOIL BUDDY ensues prolonged supply of nutrition to the plants.

The Neem bitters present in SOIL BUDDY also protects the roots from soil-borne insects and pathogens.  The narrow C : N ratio of SOIL BUDDY also enables faster degradation in the soil for form Humus which improves the fertility and productivity of the soils.

Typical Analysis of Soil Buddy

Element %age Element %age
Nitrogen N 4.2 Manganese Mn 0.99
Phosphorous P 0.35 Zinc Zn 0.69
Potassium K 1.31 Copper Cu 0.16
Sodium Na 0.24 Moisture 11.13
Calcium Ca 1.16 Organic Matter 30.04
Magnesium Mg 0.54 pH 5.85
Iron Fe 0.56 C:N Ratio 7.2


SOIL BUDDY improves the plant health as an organic fertilizer by:

  • The plant nutrients contained in SOIL BUDDY is organically bound and helps slow release to the root zone to ensure continuous availability of nutrients to the plants at all stages.
  • Due to the slow release of nutrients prolonged support in the growth of plants is ensured.
  • Since SOIL BUDDY is made from Neem Fruit cakes, the residues after decomposition are non-toxic to soils and in fact, become much needed organic carbon and then Humus.


SOIL BUDDY is well suited for Organic Agriculture as it addresses the requirement of Plant Nutrition from Organic Sources.

  • SOIL BUDDY is a natural product, made from Neem Fruit Cakes, absolutely non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • The nutrients present in SOIL BUDDY support plant growth for a prolonged period due to its slow release nature.
  • SOIL BUDDY is in a coarsely powdered form enabling faster mixing in soil and faster decomposition to Humus.
  • Due to the presence of Neem Bitters, the plant roots will be protected from soil-borne insects and pathogens. Cures Nematode Infestation.
  • Increases the soil microbial activity at root zone thereby creating a favorable situation for uptake of added and native nutrients by the plants.
  • Compatible with all types of fertilizers and nutrient supplements.
  • SOIL BUDDY is harmless to non-target and beneficial organisms like earthworms, beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

Target Plants.

SOIL BUDDY is an essential component of all farming operations as SOIL BUDDY addresses the Plant Nutrition Requirements at all stages of Plant Growth.


Home Garden and Backyard Veggie Patches

  • Apply 5kg of SB per 1 sq m at bed  preparation or nematode infestation.
  • Apply 3kg of SB per 1 sq m as top dressing or maintenance of the bed every 6 weeks, for better results.
  • Irrigate well after application.
  • For potted plants. Apply 150gms for small pots, 300gms for bigger pots.

Orchard and Fruit Crops

  • Pre Bearing stage: Apply 2kg per plant. Mix well with the top soil and irrigate.
  • Bearing stage: Apply 5kg  per tree before flowering and fruiting . Mix well with the top soil and irrigate.

Horticulture and Broadacre

  • As basal application: 150 Kg per Ac
  • As 1st top dressing at the time of active vegetative phase: 300 Kg per Ac
  • As 2nd top dressing at the time of flower initiation stage: 100 Kg per Ac.

Exact requirement of SOIL BUDDY for a particular plant is to be estimated based on the nutrient removal by the plant and availability of soil nutrients prior to planting.

Mode of application:

SOIL BUDDY is to be applied at the time of land preparation, active vegetative phase and flower initiation stage.    Apply on the soil and mix thoroughly with topsoil and irrigate profusely.


Soil Buddy is available in packs of 10kgs / 25kgs and 1 Ton Bulk Bags.


SOIL BUDDY is Australian Organic Certified by Southern Cross NSW. Its globally certified by ECOCERT as an approved input for Organic Agriculture as per NOP and EC Standards.