1L Trace – Concentrate

Trace Elements Concetrate 1L – Makes 16 x 2L Hose Click -on bottles!


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WA soils are renowned for their poor soils that are deficient in many nutrients and poor nutrient holding capacity. Foliar feeding plants through the leaf tissue is a much more efficient and effective way of delivering fertiliser to nutrient deficient plants.

Trace rectifies nutrient deficiencies in poor soils and improves overall plant health. It promotes strong root development and allows optimum uptake of essential nutrients such as iron, manganese, zinc and copper. Trace element deficiency is common in all citrus.

When plants are rapidly growing they may suffer from nutrient or mineral deficiencies. The pH of the soil will also have an effect on a plant’s capacity to access those nutrients. Although you can apply minerals separately you will find that plants showing a manganese deficiency may also be low in iron, zinc and magnesium. Spray foliage every two weeks until leaves become an even green colour and yellowing between veins disappears.

Manganese deficiency shows up on younger leaves first, with yellow areas between the main veins in blotches and the centre vein remaining green.

Iron deficiency causes pale yellow leaves and veins that remain green; these symptoms are often seen in coastal sands that are very alkaline.

Magnesium deficiency shows on older leaves that yellow on the midrib with a green V shape forming at the base of the leaf.

Dilution Rate

  • 20ml Trace per 1L of water
  • Hose click on 2L bottle: 30ml Trace per 1L of water

1L concentrate makes 16 x 2L Hose Click-on bottles!

Also available as a 2L Ready To Use Hose Click-on.

Typical analysis %
Magnesium (Mg):3.9%, Iron (Fe) : 4.0%, Copper(Cu): 2.5%, Manganese(Mn): 6.5%, Zinc (Zn): 0.9%, Molybdenum (Mo): 0.6%, Sulphur (S): 13.1%, Boron (B) 0.3%

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