Yates Waterwise DroughtShield 2.5L RTU

Yates DoughtShield forms a protective, clear polymer film over leaves protecting them from damaging environmental conditions including heat, water loss, drying winds, sunburn, droughts, light frosts and transplant shock.


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Product Details


  • Allows you to water less often
  • Lasts up to 90 days and is biodegradable
  • Prevents water loss by up to 50%
  • Safe & easy use for all plants
  • Drought & frost proof your plants
  • Protects plants from extreme conditions

How to Use

How to Apply for Drought, Sun & Wind Exposure

Water plant well and spray before stress conditions begin. Respray new growth as required and when conditions are severe.

How to Apply for Planting Trees, Shrubs, Seedlings & Cuttings

Spray immediately following transplanting and repeat at 7 day intervals until established.

How to Apply for Transplanting

Several hours before transplanting, water plant well and spray with DroughtShield.

How to Apply for Light Frost Protection

Spray before frosts begin and repeat at 30 day intervals until danger of frost has passed.

Directions for Use

Shake bottle well before use. Spray leaves and stems until run-off, ensuring thorough coverage of both upper and lower leaf surfaces. For best results, spray in the cool of the day when conditions are calm. Certain plants such as ferns and bromeliads are sensitive to sprays. Test on a small sample first if in doubt.
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