Small is Beautiful.

House block sizes are getting smaller and smaller to accommodate a greater density of housing and homes that cover the entire block. Roof top to roof top is a common method of build these days, leaving little room for any garden or even a single tree.

Nature is being excluded in the quest for high density living with no regard for the number of species that will be lost in built up areas. Housing developments, urban infill and roadways are removing vegetation at an alarming rate and covering the majority of the ground with cement and hard build.

Regardless of the size of your building envelope, there are many small trees that will give birds and insects a home and a chance to survive within city limits. Give back to nature a little and make room for a few trees and plants to cool your neighbourhood, bring life into the street and share the planet with other species.

Small trees for narrow spaces

  • Prunus Oakville Crimson Spire – A narrow deciduous ornamental plum with burgundy leaves and pink flowers in spring.
  • Syzygium Straight and Narrow or Sentinel is an evergreen native tree with glossy deep green leaves white flowers in summer.
  • Banksia integrifiolia Sentinel a beautiful evergreen native light upright tree with 2-toned leaves and large creamy/yellow candle flowers that birds and nectar feeders love.
  • Pyrus calleriana Capital is a narrow growing deciduous ornamental pear with lovely autumn foliage and white flowers in spring.
  • Malus Raspberry Spear is a deciduous crab apple with soft pink flowers and a narrow upright growth.

Small deciduous trees

  • Cercis Oklahoma has soft heart shaped light green leaves and knock out lollypop pink flowers early spring.
  • Cercis canadensis Lavender Twist is a very small weeping standard tree growing to only 2m high with weeping mid to dark green leaves turning yellow in autumn. The mauve flowers emerge in spring.
  • Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei ‘Sioux Crepe Myrtle is a showy, narrow-growing small tree with masses of intense pink flowers in summer, highly ornamental bark, and very good autumn colour.
  • Malus Royal Raindrops another crab apple with upright growth. It has Beautiful purple-maroon foliage that holds its colour through summer head and white blooms.

Natives and Evergreens

  • Eucalyptus preissiana another small mallee with enormous bright yellow flowers in winter and spring. The foliage is thick and deep green.
  • Eucalyptus orbifolia known as the round leafed mallee has stunning creamy yellow flowers in winter and spring with oval grey leaves and minnirichi bark. It is a magnet for nectar feeders.
  • Arbutus unedo Pink Pearl commonly called the Irish Strawberry tree has a domed crown with pink and white flowers in in late autumn & winter. The fruits ripen to bright red and are edible.